The best day to time trade depends largely on which international currency pair you’re trading; hence, the forex currency pair you’re trading. For simplicity’s sake, anyone trading in the US dollar, AUD, GBP, NZD, or any other currency will be looking at when best to trade these currency pairs. The major international currency pairs have their own unique time of day of trading. However, this is not true for all other currency pairs.


Currency speculators and investors look at the quotes from three main Forex trading centers. The first is EurusD, who have the most updated information about the quotes for the over the counter currencies. The next is Euro FX, who has their own data feed that show quotes from various banks and financial institutions around the world.

The USDCAD (U.S. Dollar Dealers Association) is not a currency speculator or investor in any way. They are simply service provider advisors on currency pair data and information. They also have a small but powerful research and information section which are great for anyone who is new to trading or just wants to brush up on some tips. The last service they offer is called Aufiogen, which means “Alberta Fish.” This service targets investors and traders in Canada and is primarily focused on the Canadian Dollar.

As far as over the counter markets go, Aufiogen shows a huge advantage over EurusD in terms of liquidity. Because the USDCAD is only able to provide so much information on trades, many investors and traders in other countries choose to go with the EUR/USD instead. This is because the EURUSD is more liquid and can easily be purchased and sold quickly in comparison to the USDCAD. When looking at the data feed from the Aufiogen website, you can see the daily over the counter price of all the currencies in the world. The EURUSD is nowhere near that list, though it should be compared to other currencies and metals in the same category. This should allow you to better understand the differences in the AUDUSD and EURUSD.

The next difference between the two currency pairs is price. The USDCAD has been going up consistently since last year and has recently been following a downward trend. The EURUSD on the other hand, has consistently been going down since last summer. This is due to the fact that the EURUSD was seen as a riskier investment opportunity due to the fact that the European financial system is so unstable and susceptible to changes in economic trends. Because it was believed that the UK economy would fall back into recession, many people stuck with the EURUSD as an investment option, which ultimately resulted in many people making money on this volatile currency in the past few months.

In addition to looking at the major currency pairs themselves, you should also consider the strength of the major economic indicators from the Eurusd site. As a general rule, the strength of these indicators is good for trading in any pair except for the strongest. If you find that the Eurusd has a lot of weak indicators than there are a number of good reasons to stay out of this particular trade. First of all, most people who trade in the AUDUSD are speculators rather than professional traders. Since this market is open to everyone, they do not usually worry about technical indicators like swing charts, candlestick charts, or moving averages.

Secondly, the gurus do not look too closely at breakouts because it is considered to be a long term investment decision. Many technical analysts would argue against this claim, however. Many long time traders have made money using this method and it can work for you if you have the patience and discipline to wait for the patterns to develop before entering trades. Also, when looking at long-term trading strategies, you always want to consider your exit strategy, which is much more important than your entry strategy. While many traders like to make money by buying low and selling high, this can lead to losing money if you don’t have the discipline to stick to your exit strategy until you have fully maximized your returns on your trades.

The last thing that we will cover today is predicting changes in the US Dollar against the Australian Dollar in AUDUSD. This is considered to be one of the least volatile international currency pairs. The reason for this is that the Australia Dollar is the stronger of the two countries, so this makes it more likely that the AUDUSD will strengthen versus the US Dollar. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the US Dollar will weaken against the Australian Dollar, only that the Australian Dollar is expected to lose value against the US Dollar over time. When using the gurus to track this pairing, you should keep this in mind and not base your predictions on other data, because the data is not reliable enough to make any accurate predictions.